Water Conservation Tips

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Conserving water can cut down on your monthly bill and is also good for the environment. Try using these tips to cut down on your water consumption and and conserve water.

  • Fixing leaky plumbing can make a huge difference in your water consumption and can help conserve lots of water per month.
  • Taking shorter showers can save lots of water. A few minutes may not seem like much but the overall amount of water saved in that time can really add up over the course of a month. Lower flow shower heads can also help.
  • When brushing your teeth or shaving don't let the water run in the sink.
  • Wait till your washing machine is full before you start it up. Doing this can cut down on your monthly loads of laundry and can have a big impact on your monthly water consumption. This also works with dishwashers too.
  • If you are washing your car try to spray less with the hose. Instead fill a bucket with water and soap and use a sponge or car cleaning cloth to to scrub the car. By doing this and only using the hose to rinse of the car you can cut down on water usage each time you wash your car.