History of Nob Hill Water

Nob Hill Water Association is a water system in the West Yakima area. Part of the system is inside the corporate limits of the City of Yakima and part of it is outside the corporate limits in Yakima County. It has 11,135 services and serves approximately 27,837.

Nob Hill Water was incorporated under the laws of the State of Washington on December 26, 1908 as a private non-profit organization. In 1983, it was converted from a private non-profit corporation to a private non-profit association.

When the organization was first formed in 1908, its source of water supply was from the Pacific Power and Light Company who at that time was the owner of the water system for the City of Yakima. In the early 1940's, the City of Yakima gained ownership from the Pacific Power and Light Company of the water system that served the city. In 1946, Nob Hill Water drilled its own well and became independent of the City of Yakima. Nob Hill Water has continued to grow and expand from that time to the present. It is presently the largest water system in the Yakima Valley except the City of Yakima.