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Next Comes The Roof

June 06, 2019

The walls are now complete as are the columns inside the reservoir.  Crews have been busy building the forms for the roof of the reservoir.  The roof pour will mean an early start time of 5AM on June 14th, with concrete starting to be poured at 6AM.  The concrete must be poured before the temperature gets to 85 degrees to facilitate the proper curing of the concrete with additives to the concrete mix.  Once the concrete is poured, sprinklers will be set on top of the reservoir, again, so that the concrete can cure properly.  Once the roof is poured, there will be about a two week down time as we wait for the roof concrete to cure and reach adequate strength.  Once cured, all of the internal forms that are holding the roof in place will be removed by crane, through a hatch in the roof.

Then, around July 8th, DN Tanks will arrive on site and will begin to prep to "wrap" the reservoir exterior with wire strands.  Once the reservoir is wrapped, a layer of shotcrete will be applied to the exterior wall, and then it will be time to disinfect and perform a leakage test to ensure the reservoir does not have leakage.  Once that is complete, the reservoir will be put back in service. 

Again, thank you to our neighbors for dealing with the construction.  We are getting closer to completion!


You can see the forms inside of the reservoir.                                                                                     Can you see the forklift being lifted inside the reservoir?


Once forms were installed inside, time to frame up the roof.                                                     Laying down the roof framwork.


Scaffolding inside the reservoir.  The light from above is the hatch area.                                  Another scaffolding picture.


April 08, 2019

The forms are being built for the walls.  There is an inner and an outer form and in the middle ~ re-bar.  The walls will be poured in 8 different sections.  Section #1 is scheduled to be poured this Friday, April 12 starting at 10 am.  It is anticipated that there will be 4 concrete trucks to pour this section. Each wall section thereafter is scheduled to be poured every 2-3 days as they work their way around the floor.  While pouring the outside walls, the crews may choose to start work on the columns inside of the reservoir as well.    Once the columns are finished, then the last section of wall (Section #8) will be poured. It is anticipated that work on the walls and columns will continue until mid to late May.   When the walls and columns are complete, then the roof work will begin.            



From Snow to Floor in 15 days!

April 02, 2019

On March 12, 2019 the Minnesota Reservoir site was covered in snow.  A LOT of snow as the pictures show.  But, by March 29, just 17 short days later, the snow was gone and the concrete crews were ready to get the floor poured! 

Friday the crews were set up and ready to go before the sun was even up.   The first load of concrete arrived about 6:30 AM.  The concrete was poured from one side of the reservoir to the other.  In the 3rd photo below, you can actually see the concrete being poured.   
You can click a picture to zoom in.


The next shots are thanks to a drone operator in the area that took some shots after the floor was about half-way done.  The circles that you see will be columns supporting the roof of the reservoir.  While the crew was working the cement, they wore metal "skis" that helped to distribute their weight across the concrete as they finished the concrete.  The final shot shows everyone working the concrete either by hand or by machine.    Although we had a few sprinkles, the weather cooperated for the most part. 


We would like to thank our neighbors for their patience with this early start time.

Next up, the walls!! 

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