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Soil Nail Wall

October 10, 2018

Project: Minnesota Reservoir
Here is an example of how a soil nail wall is built.  Our finish will be the gray concrete only. 

The Walls Are Down!

October 08, 2018

Project: Minnesota Reservoir


As of October 5, 2018 both reservoirs are down!  A portion of the floor of the large reservoir remains.  This will be removed once the current debris is removed.   To keep the vibration to a minimum, the contractor used concrete saws to cut the floor into pieces and then removed the pieces.  The trucks have been busy hauling both the debris and dirt to dump sites. The dirt is being removed so that the soil nail testing can begin next week.  This wall will be in two sections; one to the north and one to the west.  Once the soil nail wall is in place, the ground will be prepped (including heavy-duty compaction) for the reservoir floor.  Mother Nature will determine whether the concrete floor will be poured this fall or next spring.  Below is a video of the floor being removed. 


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